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Cambridge English: First (FCE) Speaking

Cambridge English: First Speaking Description

Paper Element Description
Paper Format The Speaking test contains four parts.
Timing 14 minutes
Task Types Short exchanges with the interlocutor and with the other candidate; a 1-minute ‘long turn’; a collaborative task involving the two candidates; a discussion.
Marks Candidates are awarded a mark for each of five criteria: 4 analytical and 1 global.

Resources for Speaking

Cambridge English: First Speaking in Detail

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Part 1 - Interview
Task Type & Format A conversation between the interlocutor and each candidate (spoken questions).
Task Focus General interactional and social language: ability to provide information about oneself and to offer personal opinions on a range of topics.
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Part 2 - Long turn
Task Type & Format An individual, 1-minute long turn for each candidate with a brief (20 second) response from the second candidate. In turn, the candidates are given two pictures to talk about.
Task Focus Organising a larger unit of discourse; comparing, describing, expressing opinions.
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Part 3 - Collaborative task
Task Type & Format A conversation between the candidates. The candidates are given oral instructions and provided with a visual stimulus (several photographs or pieces of artwork) to form the basis for a task which they carry out together.
Task Focus Sustaining an interaction; exchanging ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, evaluating, reaching a decision through negotiation, etc.
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Part 4 - Discussion
Task Type & Format A discussion on topics related to the Part 3 collaborative task.
Task Focus Expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing.
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