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Cambridge English: First (FCE) Use of English

Cambridge English: First Use of English Description

Paper Element Description
Paper Format The paper contains four parts.
Timing 45 minutes
No of Questions 42
Task Types Multiple-choice cloze, open cloze, word formation, key word transformations.
Answering Candidates may write on the question paper, but must transfer their answers to the separate answer sheet within the time limit. Candidates indicate their answers by shading the correct lozenges or writing the required word or words in capital letters in a box on the separate answer sheet.
Marks Parts 1, 2, and 3: each correct answer receives 1 mark. Part 4: each answer receives up to 2 marks.

Resources for Use of English

Cambridge English: First Use of English in Detail

A detailed look at the paper with links to related resources.

Part 1
Task Type & Format Multiple-choice cloze.
Task Focus Candidates are required to draw on their lexical knowledge and understanding of the text in order to fill the gaps. Some questions test at a phrasal level, such as collocations and set phrases. Other questions test meaning at sentence level or beyond, with more processing of the text required. A lexico-grammatical element may be involved, such as when candidates have to choose the option which fits correctly with a following preposition or verb form.
Number of Questions 12
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Part 2
Task Type & Format Open cloze.
Task Focus The focus of the gapped words is either grammatical, such as articles, auxiliaries, prepositions, pronouns, verb tenses and forms, or lexico-grammatical, such as phrasal verbs, linkers and words within fixed phrases. The answer will always be a single word. In some cases, there may be more than one possible answer and this is allowed for in the mark scheme.
Number of Questions 12
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Part 3
Task Type & Format Word formation.
Task Focus The focus of this task is primarily lexical, though an understanding of structure is also required. It tests the candidates’ knowledge of how prefixes, suffixes, internal changes and compounds are used in forming words. Candidates may be required to demonstrate understanding of the text beyond sentence level.
Number of Questions 10
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Part 4
Task Type & Format Key word transformations.
Task Focus In this part of the paper the focus is both lexical and grammatical and a range of structures is tested. The ability to express a message in different ways shows flexibility and resource in the use of language.
Number of Questions 8
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