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Cambridge English: Key (KET) Speaking

Cambridge English: Key Speaking Description

Paper Element Description
Paper Format The Speaking test contains two parts.
Timing 8-10 minutes per pair of candidates.
Task Types Short exchanges with the interlocutor and an interactive task involving both candidates.
Marks Candidates are assessed on their performance throughout the test. There are a total of 25 marks for Paper 3, making 25% of the total score for the whole examination.

Resources for Speaking

Cambridge English: Key Speaking in Detail

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Part 1 - Each candidate interacts with the interlocutor
Task Type & Format The interlocutor asks the candidates questions. The interlocutor follows an interlocutor frame to guide the conversation, ensure standardisation and control level of input.
Task Focus Language normally associated with meeting people for the first time, giving information of a factual personal kind. Bio-data type questions to respond to.
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Part 2 - Candidates interact with each other
Task Type & Format The interlocutor sets up the activity using a standardised rubric. Candidates ask and answer questions using prompt material.
Task Focus Factual information of a non-personal kind related to daily life.
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