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Skills for Life Entry 1-3 Overview

Exam Overview

Level Entry 1 to Entry 3 of the UK's National Qualifications Framework. A1 to B1 of the CEFR. What should a learner at this level be able to do?

Cambridge English Certificates in ESOL Skills for Life test the English of adults who live, work or study in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. They are part of the UK government's plans to improve levels of English in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Skills for Life is available at five levels
Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Level 1
Level 2





Reading Candidates need to engage with at least three input texts and perform a variety of tasks types. There is no fixed format of task and item types. 50 minutes at Entry 1; 1 hour at Entry 2; 75 minutes at Entry 3. None. Reading is assessed separately from the other modes.
Writing There are three tasks, including at least two different task types, in Writing papers at each level. 40 minutes at Entry 1; 50 minutes at Entry 2; 1 hour at Entry 3. None. Writing is assessed separately from the other modes.
Speaking & Listening There are two distinct phases in the Speaking and Listening mode. Entry 1 - 16-18 minutes per pair of candidates; Entry 2 - 18-20 minutes per pair; Entry 3 - 20-22 minutes per pair. None. Speaking & Listening is assessed separately from the other modes.

Exam Materials

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Exam Handbook
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Entry 1 Reading
Entry 1 Writing
Entry 1 Speaking & Listening
Entry 2 Reading
Entry 2 Writing
Entry 2 Speaking & Listening
Entry 3 Reading
Entry 3 Writing
Entry 3 Speaking & Listening
Exam Reports
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